An Exciting New Project!

Today, I am introducing a new feature of MYClassroom that I hope will be very successful. It is the Teacher Profile Survey and it can be found here:

Teacher Profile Survey

The survey is designed for teachers who want to share information about how they successfully manage their classroom. Once a teacher fills out the survey, I will use their answers to make a profile about them and their methods on the MYClassroom blog. I understand that we are all very busy, but I really believe these profiles will be very beneficial to teachers all around the world.

I am honing my classroom management skills every day, but I am still learning. I hope to learn just as much from these teacher profiles as anyone else. Even if every single one of my classes went perfectly every day, I would learn a lot because there is no one right way to manage your classroom.

My wish is to provide readers with more than just my views about classroom management. No one person has all the answers. Hopefully, these profiles will provide a broader picture of the different strategies, tools, and attitudes towards classroom management.

Also, please don’t feel like you need to be a teaching veteran to participate in this survey. I know many great teachers who are just starting out right now. All teachers, new and old, can learn from each other. This project is just designed to collect as many different viewpoints on classroom management as possible.

So, if you want to be featured in a Teacher Profile on the MYClassroom blog, then please don’t hesitate to take a few minutes to fill out the survey! It would be a big help to teachers around the world!

Thank you for participating and, as always, thank you for reading!


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September 17, 2012 · 7:00 am

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